Your donations to Wilson Arts Inc. have helped us fund:
  • Bring drama instruction back to Wilson. We partnered with Oklahoma Children’s Theatre so that every class receives one period a week of drama instruction. In addition, the Children’s Theatre is doing their Page to Stage program with every grade. Wilson Arts Inc. is funding a trip for each class to see a production at the Children’s Theatre. Cost- $10,000

  • Send ten staff members to Washington D.C. over the summer for training at the Kennedy Center. This intensive training is the cornerstone of our Arts Integration program, and sending one teacher from each grade level has had a huge impact on instruction in the classroom. Cost-$7,000

  • Pay expenses for Mrs. Armstrong, our principal, to participate in Leadership Arts Training from the Arts Council. Cost- $1,000

  • Fund DrumFit kits for our PE/Rhythm and Movement class. This high energy music integrated PE program is a wonderful addition to our school. Cost-$2,400

  • Help send Mrs. Baumgardner to a strings conference. Cost- $447

  • Purchase new playground ball and jump rope sets for each class. Cost- $887

  • Purchase iPods for specials teachers for classroom use. Cost – $320

  • Meet the ongoing needs of the school throughout the school year.